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Turunç Cove is located on the west coast of Turkey, to the west of Marmaris, and only 40 minutes away from Marmaris. It is a peaceful village that is very different from the neighboring holiday resorts of Marmaris and Icmeler. It is a favorite of culture enthusiasts and those seeking peace and relaxation in an attractive holiday environment that has not been ruined by mass tourism. It is also a popular destination for those interested in the ancient Karya Union city of AMOS. Visitors can reach Turunç by a 1 hour and 45-minute bus transfer from Dalaman Airport, entering the village through winding roads that slope towards the coastline. These winding roads offer unique and beautiful views for our valued guests. Turunç, with its unspoiled natural landscapes and local hospitality, is a true holiday paradise and a hidden gem.

The intense mystery surrounding the history of Turunç stems from the lack of facts. Local people can only recount their experiences dating back 100 years when five families settled in this charming cove. These people lived for years in isolation from the rest of Turkey without any roads, cars, infrastructure, or electricity, yet they did not leave this region because it is truly a captivating and beautiful place. Bozburun was only accessible by boat, and the locals relied heavily on fishing and diving for their daily food and income, sustaining their lives in this way. In the 1970s, a transformation began when independent travelers spread the word about this charming little village, providing a unique perspective on Turkey's rural areas. By the 1980s, the roads were ready, clean water flowing from the fountains was no longer a luxury, electrical infrastructure made life easier, and holiday accommodation made it easier for visitors to stay longer. The village was successful in renewing and modernizing itself, but thankfully, due to its geography and map that is not conducive to growth, it avoided the traps of mass tourism that have ruined other destinations in Turkey. Today, it maintains its reputation as a quiet and peaceful holiday resort.

Turunç is not a place for those who want to spend their vacation with activities or events; it is a destination preferred by those who want to relax and take in the Aegean breeze. Walking around the village takes less than 4-5 hours. The beautiful and sandy Blue Flag awarded beach, which opens into calm and cool waters, is perfect for snorkeling or swimming. By renting a boat in Turunç, you can have the chance to explore all the surrounding bays. Monday is the local market day in Turunç. It is a great option for those who want to do boat shopping for this fresh fruit and vegetable market. You can start your day by having the gözleme made by the local aunties of Turunç while having your breakfast on your boat. By renting a boat in Turunç, you can add a wonderful experience to your vacation.

Turunç is a perfect example of rural and green Turkey with its surrounding hills, abundant flora and fauna, and friendly locals. You can visit here in May and October when the mild temperature provides ideal conditions or enjoy a boat vacation. Turunç is hidden in a beautiful beach on the southeast coast of Marmaris. Holidaymakers consider this place the most preferred one due to its charming and relaxed atmosphere. Turunç, which is one of the most popular stops of Blue Cruise boats departing from Marmaris Port, is ready to enchant all our guests who visit this region. It is the apple of the eye of sea tourism because it hosts a blue flag beach among mountains and forested hills. One of the most important places you should visit during your vacation is the ancient ruins of Amos. Do not return home without experiencing this unique experience prepared for you by Turunç Boat Vacation.