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Located just southwest of Marmaris, surrounded by the Sombeki Bay, Bozburun Peninsula will spoil you with even more delightful coves than ever before, making renting a gulet for Blue Cruise a perfect vacation plan. Bozburun Peninsula, with its every corner almost outdoing the previous one in beauty, awaits to enchant you, our valuable guests. This region is also famous for its clearly marked hiking trails, where you can walk in fragrant green pine forests with panoramic views of the Mediterranean. Bozburun is a perfect holiday destination to relax and unwind from the stresses of the whole year with boat rental.

Sailing along this peninsula, you will pass through many beautiful and secluded coves and see many different islands. Bozburun, which is very close to the small and charming Greek Island of Symi, is an ideal destination for Blue Cruising in the region. Geographically not far from Marmaris, but a destination for those who want to slow down and unwind, Bozburun is a perfect region for a peaceful and unspoiled escape. You must try the local honey produced by the locals in the region and visit the Bayir village to see the 2000-year-old plane tree between Marmaris and Bozburun. Bozburun, which becomes more popular and preferred every passing year, enters each new season with new Gulets, Yachts, and Boats. It is the best place to rent a boat or Gulet in Bozburun. The best holiday option you can have generously offers all local and foreign tourists.

Bozburun is a village located on the Bozburun peninsula between Marmaris and Datça. Despite being close to Marmaris, it is mostly ideal for those looking for a more untouched and slower pace. In recent years, the Bozburun peninsula has become one of the preferred routes for motor yacht rental in Turkey. A sailor imagines many picturesque harbors and coves that can only be accessed by boat, and Bozburun is one of them. Many of its points can only be reached by sea, and there are many businesses that provide transportation in this way, the most famous of which is the Bozburun Yacht Club. Access to Bozburun by road involves picking up guests at Bozburun Harbor by zodiac and taking them to its own cove and hotel business, which does not have access by land. There are many businesses like this in Bozburun.

Since handmade gulet yachts are made in Turkey, there are many small shipyards and workshops in Bozburun. The Gulet Festival is held every year in October. Why not spend your sailing vacation in Turkey with the Gulet Festival? It is also famous for its fresh seafood and organic village life. In 2013, the 500-mile trekking trail called the Karia Road was opened. It passes through the peninsula and is well-marked so that you do not get lost. Trekking enthusiasts can both spend their holidays and go trekking. Bozburun is a small town with a population of about 2,000 and is a good starting point for exploring the surroundings. At the end of the peninsula, Taşlıca Village and the ancient cities of Thyssanos, Syrna, Phoenix, Tymnos, Kasara, and Amos are among the places worth seeing. You can enjoy a seaside vacation, rent a boat in Bozburun, and take an archaeological tour.

Bozburun is only 25 minutes away from Kiz Kumu or Orhaniye Beach. Many legends are told about this reddish sand that flows from the coast into the sea. There is a belief that the wishes of those who walk on this sand can come true. According to another legend, the beautiful princess of King Bybassos sets sail into the sea to escape from pirates. Since she cannot swim, she fills her skirt with sand and tries to cross the bay. As it gets dark, she loses her way, runs out of sand, and drowns. The beach is named after the virgin sand, which means "Kiz Kumu" in Turkish. In the village square of Bayir, which is about 19 km away from Bozburun, there is a 2000-year-old plane tree next to the mosque. According to a local rumor, walking around the tree three times can extend your life. On a hot summer day, you can enjoy swimming in the pools of Turgut waterfalls, which are about a 30-minute drive from Bozburun. Bozburun can add color to your vacation. With Bozburun boat rental, you can collect unforgettable memories.

Bozburun continues to be one of the less crowded tourist destinations in Turkey. Those who own gulets and yachts already knew about Bozburun, but in recent years, it has become more well-known among those who come to the region for yacht and gulet rentals. Being a region where you will not be deprived of anything, Bozburun is also a point where you can find everything you are looking for in terms of food and drink, especially fresh daily fish. You can spend your vacation in these unique bays where all famous artists spend their holidays and return home energetically.