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Ölüdeniz is one of the most famous and popular nature reserves and holiday destinations, surrounded by forested mountains and separated from the Mediterranean by a narrow strip of beach. Located just below the Fethiye coast, Ölüdeniz is a popular seaside town with long sandy and pebbled beaches and a mesmerizing Blue Lagoon. This region is one of the most preferred areas for both domestic and foreign tourists.

Thanks to its national park status, Ölüdeniz is protected from excessive development and is one of the natural wonders of the Turkish Riviera. It is one of the ideal points for luxury yacht rentals or Ölüdeniz Boat Rentals on Turkey's beautiful Mediterranean coastline.

The beach known as Kumburnu Beach, which stretches between the shore and the sea in Ölüdeniz, is one of the most stunning coastal views in Turkey and a great place to relax on loungers or enjoy various water sports. The water on the lagoon side of the beach is very shallow, making it the most preferred area for families with children. This area is a must-see by boat because the best advantage of going out by boat is being able to enjoy the sea and the scenery away from the crowds on the beach. Paragliding is one of the most popular activities in this area, as it is one of the most popular places in the world to go paragliding due to the calm weather conditions, the height of the surrounding mountains, and of course the stunning scenery. Surrounded by pine forests and the beautiful shades of blue and green, this area offers all the elements desired by vacationers of all kinds, but by renting an Ölüdeniz boat, you can gain a completely different holiday experience and see this corner of paradise from a different perspective.

While sitting at the end of your boat, you can sip your iced drink, jump into the sea without the crowds or the density of loungers, swim comfortably as you wish, or take a nice nap with the gentle rocking of the sea and continue your vacation afterwards. You can wake up to different views every day by going to a different bay. The most beautiful thing that Ölüdeniz offers to its valued guests is the attraction of swimming with snorkeling and exploring the colorful underwater world of this magnificent area. Or you can have more fun moments on the sea with equipment such as canoes and paddles that are available on our boats. For guests who want to fish, we have fishing equipment on every boat. We also offer luxury yacht rental options for holidaymakers who do not want to compromise on luxury. For guests who love photography or actively use social media, this area is truly a paradise. Renting a sailing boat is also one of the most popular activities in this area. You can enjoy the privilege of both doing sports and having a sailing holiday by sailing in the winds in this area with dozens of islands and bays.

Create unforgettable memories while sailing in Turkey with gulet or yacht rental. With Bluecruiseturkey.co, you can rent a boat and spend your days reading books, swimming, exploring the islands, or trying water sports while gliding through the turquoise shores. You can have the chance to sleep in a different peaceful cove every night. The calm region called Oludeniz, which is truly a dead sea, is also the apple of the eye of those who want to dive. This region, where diving can be done all year round, is also suitable for beginners in diving sports. By renting a boat in Oludeniz, you can not only have a seaside vacation but also visit the archaeological remains in the region for a cultural trip, have the chance to paraglide, dive, and add color to your vacation. Therefore, if you want a fulfilling vacation and a memorable few weeks, you should consider this option.