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The origin of the word "catamaran" dates back to the 17th century and is derived from the Tamil language, where it was used to mean "logs joined together." Later on, it became the name for two boats joined together to form a catamaran. The practice of connecting two canoes to fish started with Sri Lankan fishermen and has continued to this day. The weight center of the boat is used as the gap between the two canoes, ensuring that the boat cannot capsize. Over the years, catamarans have inspired luxury yacht designers, leading to the creation of the luxurious catamarans we see on the seas today. This design offers more living space than sailboats and is more advantageous in terms of space utilization due to its two-hull structure. The middle section provides a large, functional area.

Marmaris, also known as the Turkish Riviera, is located on the southwest coast of Turkey. Its magnificent weather and beautiful scenery attract sailors from all over the world. Currently, Turkey is one of the most affordable and beautiful holiday destinations in Europe. You can spoil yourself with delicious local cuisine and enjoy exciting tours such as jeep safaris, buggy safaris, and Marmaris tours.

If your dream vacation is a Blue Cruise, you can rent many different types of boats for this vacation. Catamaran is one of them. We have different types of catamarans in our portfolio. Compared to other types of boats, catamarans are wider and faster, so you can see more places and visit more bays during your vacation.
Renting a catamaran is a more economical option compared to yacht rental. You can have the vacation you have been dreaming of all year in an affordable way. With the speed you can achieve, you will be much more satisfied with the performance. By renting a catamaran, you can create your own itinerary. Catamarans have luxury yacht standards, so you do not compromise on your comfort while cruising with a catamaran.
If you have a license and experience, we also offer bareboat catamaran rental options. If you have concerns about hygiene, a catamaran will be the best option for you and your family and loved ones to have a vacation away from crowds and everyone.