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Orhaniye village, located at the head of the Hisarönü Gulf, which is the most famous region of the Bozburun Peninsula, 26 km (16 miles) southwest of Marmaris, is literally a farming and holiday destination. In addition to village houses, modern and newly built villas are also available in the fertile valley at the foot of the mountains, just inside the Kız Kumu Beach. The people of Orhaniye are the most hardworking in collecting and setting up hives to produce the famous Marmaris honey, they work in marble workshops, cutting and grinding valuable building stones, and host yachts, daily trips, and jeep safaris. Just outside the village center to the north, there is the Martı Marina and Hemithea Hotel, a romantic refuge of luxury in this magnificent setting. This location is recommended for those who want to have a holiday in Orhaniye by renting a boat or those who prefer a luxury hotel holiday. Orhaniye, also known as Keci Bükü, is located in a large and beautiful bay on Turkey's Dorian Coast, under the Pine Forests, and is less than 30 minutes by car to Marmaris and 1 hour 45 minutes to Dalaman Airport.

Orhaniye is located across the Datça Peninsula and is one of the best places to vacation in Turkey. It has small villages, towns, and very few restaurants along the coast. The Greek island of Symi can always be seen from here. The bay is cooled by westerly winds with a strength of 3-4 knots for most of the year, mainly in the afternoons. The marinas, privately owned restaurants with docks, two large hotels, ample open spaces, and several markets provide many opportunities for peaceful relaxation in Orhaniye. The coastal restaurants offer Turkish, Thai, and Far Eastern cuisine as well as world cuisine. On the outskirts of Orhaniye, there are several ancient ruins, including the ruins of the Acropolis and several ancient ruins on the east side of the island. You can sail to the ruins in Knidos, the crystal-clear waters of Palamutbükü, the sheltered Hayit Bükü Bay, the picturesque town of Datça, the tranquil cove of Kuruca Bükü, the narrow bay of Bencik Koyu, and the small village of Mezra, all of which can make your holiday unique. This region is a place where all local and foreign tourists want to come to spend their holidays. Selimiye Village and Bozburun are also about half an hour away from Orhaniye. By renting a boat in Orhaniye, you can see this region much better and enjoy your holiday.

Kızkumu Beach

Kizkumu Beach, located in Orhaniye Bay, is one of the popular tourist destinations around Marmaris. It takes about half an hour to travel to this magnificent area from Marmaris. This charming beach is only 2.5 km away from Turgut village. Orhaniye village has become an important tourism center around Hisaronu Bay. Yachts anchoring in the bay spend their nights in Orhaniye. Orhaniye's natural environment, beautiful beaches, calm sea, and amazing landscapes such as pine forests provide an incredible holiday experience. The most spectacular experience at Kizkumu Beach in Orhaniye is walking on the sea! This is a path formed as if there is a sandy wall rising from underwater that divides the bay into two deep parts, and it is one of the remarkable natural wonders to see. This 600-meter-long and 2-3 meter-wide path is located below knee level and you can walk comfortably. Besides that, you can enjoy sunbathing, playing on the beach, swimming in the sea, and pamper yourself with water sports organized by holidaymakers in the area.

There are many valid legends about the Kızkumu Beach. One of the legends tells the story of a princess from Bybassos who fell in love with a fisherman. When the king found out about their relationship, he refused to approve it. One day, the princess was supposed to secretly meet her lover on the beach in this little bay. The king immediately ordered his soldiers to capture both of them and to kill the fisherman if they met again. Once the soldiers followed the princess, chased her, and tried to catch the lovers. However, the princess escaped and hurriedly ran into the sea to save her lover. Wherever she ran, the sea turned into sand and the sandy road turned back into water as the soldiers followed her. One of the soldiers accidentally shot an arrow at the fisherman, but it hit the princess instead. She was immediately covered in blood and died on the spot. Since that day, the road to Kızkumu has remained the same, offering tourists the opportunity to walk through the middle of the sea.

Local restaurants in Orhaniye are usually run by families, and they offer small tables facing the bay so that you can enjoy a delicious meal next to the crystal clear blue waters. The villages around Orhaniye are also famous for their delicious pine honey and rich harvest of olive oil. Our favorite breakfast consists of fresh local village bread with pine honey. By renting a yacht in Orhaniye, you can't miss out on tasting these delicious honeys and perfect olive oil dishes on your boat. You can explore the local villages along the Bozburun Peninsula and enjoy the Blue Cruise to the fullest.