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Çeşme, the most popular town on Turkey's Aegean coast, is the boat rental destination of İzmir, about 100 kilometers and 45 minutes away from İzmir. Considered a highly exclusive vacation destination that is preferred by almost all of Istanbul and İzmir's inhabitants, Çeşme has become Turkey's most popular and favored vacation town in recent years. The region, which is preferred by all of Turkey's celebrities and artists, is increasing in popularity day by day. In addition to the places to see in Çeşme's center, Çeşme Port is one of the best areas to rent a yacht. Çeşme Port has been renovated in recent years and its capacity has been increased, and it can now host many more boats. Boat rental is the most popular activity in Çeşme. Çeşme is considered the hub of yacht and boat rental, and Marina Port Alaçatı has the capacity to provide all services, including the internet. Port Alaçatı is only 20 minutes away from Çeşme. Renting a boat in Çeşme is another way to have a great vacation in this region, where you can see the most interesting places in Alaçatı and Çeşme, including Ayvalık in the north, as well as the Greek islands of Lesbos and Chios. The gulf is also known as the most preferred surfing spot due to its stable northern winds.

The nearby village of Alaçatı is quite attractive to everyone who sees it, with the charm of a traditional fishing village. You can also rent yachts in Çeşme and surrounding districts such as Alaçatı, Ilıca, Çeşme, and Dalyanköy. Çeşme Marina and Port Alaçatı also have our boats and yachts in different sizes and varieties. Çeşme, located in Turkey's Eastern Mediterranean region, is a holiday destination with very popular and attractive features for yacht renters and the most popular place for sun seekers. Çeşme is a fascinating blend of unspoiled beaches, warm and sunny climate, turquoise waters, and relaxing mineral springs. It is a perfect place for sailors and yacht rental enthusiasts looking for their own paradise on a Mediterranean vacation. Experienced sailors coming to the Mediterranean and holidaymakers who come here every year call this place the "small harbor," and tourists who came to this holiday resort in the past named this region "çeşme" because Bodrum was primarily known for its refreshing icy waters. Çeşme attracts attention with its unspoiled bays, quality restaurants, excellent accommodation centers, various shopping opportunities, various entertainment options, and sports activities.

Çeşme was known as a quaint and rustic fishing village until it turned into a bustling yacht rental destination to be explored. This luxurious holiday resort always manages to maintain its charm and allure, especially during the summer months when an increasing number of tourists visit each year. With a small population of approximately 100,000, Çeşme is known for its warm and inviting atmosphere. Despite having adequate facilities and services to meet the needs of vacationers, it has never lost its modern texture and unique style.

The main attraction of the town is Çeşme Castle, a favorite destination of experienced sailors and tourists who want to see the local scenery in the best possible way. Çeşme also becomes crowded with tourists during the music festival held in July, which is a celebration and a time of revelry. Other important destinations and popular attractions in this pastoral town include Çeşme Museum, which houses several important artifacts and archaeological sites that reveal the city's magnificent past. You can see all the beauty and worthwhile places to visit in the Çeşme region by renting a boat in Çeşme.