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The Datça peninsula is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey, with a coastline on one side facing the Aegean and the other side facing the Mediterranean. With its calm sea, magnificent nature, and clean air, Datça is one of the most important stops for yacht chartering on the Blue Cruise routes in Turkey. Many beaches, such as Aktur Camp Beach, Karaincir Beach, Hospitalaltic Beach, Periliköşk Beach, and Billurkent Beach, can be easily accessed from the center of the peninsula.

Knidos Ancient City, located on the Datça peninsula, is one of the most important historical sites in the region. It is famous for its amphitheaters and the Temple of Aphrodite. The ancient city was a shipbuilding fortress in the 4th century BC and the now-ruined harbor. Earthquakes, conquests, and looting caused Knidos to become ruins. The unique view you can see from the top of Knidos will make you forget all your stress and fatigue. Don't leave without buying fresh products such as olives, olive oil, honey, and thyme.

Old Datça, formerly known as Dadya, is very close to the center. This place, where you can find stone houses and streets with Albanian cobblestones, is where Can Yücel lived and wrote his poems. Don't leave Turkey during your yacht vacation without visiting Ovabükü, Hayıtbükü, and Kızılbük beaches. Enjoy the taste of the blue sea and swim in different bays, because Blue Cruise means Datça.

Domuzbükü, a favorite stop on Turkey's famous Blue Cruise yacht holidays, is a charming turquoise cove accessible only by boat. You can also take a day trip by boat to the Greek island of Symi, just 50 minutes south of the town in southern Datça. Symi is a small, beautiful island of the Dodecanese that offers something for everyone and has many cultural features. When the sun sets in Symi, there is no more romantic place than by the sea. The Datça peninsula, filled with emerald green hills reflecting the blue of the Aegean Sea and ancient remnants of empires, is a jewel on Turkey's coastline. This 50-mile-long, sharply pointed stretch of coastline is one of the most flawless regions in southwestern Turkey. According to legend, the peninsula was created by Zeus - the Sky and Light God - and it certainly deserves such a story with its wide bays, expansive olive groves, and deserted beaches. Until recent years, transportation to this corner of Turkey was almost impossible except by boat. Still somewhat remote from all ports, this area attracts many tourists in the summer and still maintains its old beauty.

The main town of Datça is located in the south of the peninsula, having escaped the pitfalls of tourism and now serving as a historic port city that is home to a range of good restaurants and cafes. Climb up the thyme-scented hills and you'll find Old Datça, a charming village that has been revived in recent years by Turks who have bought second homes here to escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy the natural beauty of the coast. Here, you can enjoy the cobbled streets associated with a traditional Mediterranean village, surrounded by walls covered with bougainvilleas and small cafes and shops. At the western tip of Datça, you'll find the ancient ruins of Knidos (Cnidos), which was once a maritime fortress and favorite spot for many of the world's most revered academics, health officials, and architects. Visitors used to come from afar to see the famous nude statue of Aphrodite, which was once called home but disappeared about 1000 years ago. Today, you can see impressive mosaics, basilica arches, and a magnificent collection of sea-facing theaters.

The narrow coastline of Datça is full of magnificent beaches ranging from pebbles and rocks to beautiful soft sandy areas. However, they are all surrounded by the captivating blue of the Aegean Sea, and there are so many different bays to choose from that the bay you choose when you take the Blue Cruise can be like your own bay where no one else is swimming. With Datça boat rental or Datça yacht rental, you can add a Greek Blue Cruise to your holiday, experiencing the diversity of the Eastern Mediterranean by being close to Greek islands like Symi, Tilos, and Rhodes. When you swing on your yacht in the clear waters of the Aegean Sea, you can leave behind the tiredness of the year and have a holiday that you will enjoy every moment of. Have you ever thought about what comes to mind when you hear the word Datça? When you say Datça, clean air, crystal clear blue sea, warm breezes, and bays come to mind, and of course, when you say Datça, the unique beauty of its coves and the archeological richness of ancient Knidos come to mind.

Knidos is an ancient city from Ancient Greek civilizations that you should not leave without seeing. This area, which is a mixture of Ancient Greek and Turkish architecture, can be easily reached by renting a boat from Datça or by taking a Datça Blue Cruise. After Knidos, you should also visit the famous coves of Datça such as Domuz Bükü, Hayıtbükü, Bükceğiz, Kargıbükü, and Palamutbükü, which are the apple of the eye of boat vacationers with their natural landscapes and unique seas. Rhodes, which is considered the capital of the Greek Islands, is very close to this region, and if you have a visa, you can easily go there, or you can watch it from the deck of the boat if you do not want to go. When the evening lights are on, Rhodes Island can be easily seen from this area. If you want to break away from the standard holiday concept and see these extraordinary beauties and experience an insatiable vacation, you can explore this region, which has an endless beauty, by boat by renting a boat in Datça, taking a Datça Blue Cruise, or renting a yacht in Datça. You can enjoy the nature, sea, and beauty of Datça while listening to beautiful music and feeling the warm evening breeze. You should come to Datça for unforgettable memories, great photos, and a unique vacation experience.