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With Alanya boat rental, you have the option to rent with or without a captain and crew, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the tour in privacy. You do not have to follow a standard route with Alanya boat rental; instead, you can choose your own route by discussing it with our captain beforehand and stopping at any coves you desire.

Our boats are equipped with a music system, so you can listen to the music of your choice or simply enjoy the sound of the sea as you sail. With Alanya boat rental, you can prepare your own menu, create a weekly menu, and determine what you want to eat during your vacation. You can either obtain the shopping list yourself or ask our staff to procure the necessary items for you. As you prepare for your vacation, our team and staff will be happy to make all the necessary arrangements for you.

Alanya, formerly known as Alaiye, is a coastal town in the Antalya province of Turkey. Located on the southern coast of Turkey, it is a beautiful sailing destination due to its Mediterranean location and all the characteristics it offers for sailing trips. The best way to discover Alanya with its sunny beaches and clear waters is by renting a yacht in Alanya. If you want to experience a unique sailing adventure, rent a boat and set sail along the Alanya coastline. You can rent a boat with a captain or, if you have the necessary license and experience, rent a sailboat without a captain. You can also rent a luxury yacht in the highest segment, which allows easy access to any cove you desire and enjoy a comfortable and luxurious holiday with our yacht hotels. There are magnificent beaches and stunning views and bays in Alanya for yacht vacations. Now, you can rent a luxury motor yacht or sailboat in Alanya with SSPlus Yachting. Our expert team will give you the best advice and ideas for renting the most suitable boat for you and your family, so you can simply enjoy your holiday.

Get ready for a boat tour to spend your leisure time. You can embark on a tour to the unique bays of Alanya by renting a perfect yacht or boat. You can choose the most suitable boat for yourself from among many options. Alanya is a famous place with its natural beauties. With your boat tour in this location, you can discover many natural beauties. Therefore, start your tour by choosing the suitable boat for you. offers you a comfortable and luxurious yacht rental with many activities on board. You can celebrate your special day on the boat or yacht of your choice. The choice is yours. You can contact our team and have them arrange an appointment for you. Our courteous and helpful staff will organize everything at the highest level for you to feel great and not to stray away from your main work! We invite fishing enthusiasts to catch fish by the tail! You should enjoy fishing in the open sea while renting a boat in Alanya! Even for those who have no previous fishing experience, you must experience the amazing joy of an adrenaline-filled fishing adventure. You can make an early reservation for this unforgettable holiday experience and take advantage of the priority privileges allocated to you or reserve a spot on your desired route. You should prefer this impressive option to feel the privilege of a holiday on the open sea and to give yourself and your family, loved ones or friends a great holiday experience on the rented boat or yacht. You can give yourself the greatest gift by renting a yacht or boat in Alanya.