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According to the International Commercial Yacht Code, for your boat to be classified as a yacht instead of just a boat, it must be at least 10 meters long and larger. Therefore, motor yachts should be at least 10 meters long. Yacht rental differs from cabin rental in many ways, primarily because the entire yacht is rented by a single group and progresses on a predetermined route according to the wishes of the renter. The purpose of cabin rental is to provide a cruise for larger groups, so smaller, bathroom-equipped cabins are available for cabin rental. We offer the highest level of luxury for your motor yacht rental in Turkey when you set sail on the seas. All of our motor yachts come with air conditioning and generators. Therefore, you can continue your vacation without being affected by the weather while cruising on the sea. All cabins have toilets and showers, and all of our cabins are of luxury hotel room standards.

Almost all of our motor yachts offer various opportunities for water sports. Since you are renting a motor yacht, we have the opportunity to follow the menus you determine and create daily and weekly menus. You can arrange the service of meals as you wish. All of our crew members in our motor yachts are experienced and knowledgeable in their working departments. Nowadays, motor yachts are generally designed using fiberglass or steel to cover long distances in a short time. Typically, they have two or more large engines to provide high-speed cruising. You can reach the desired place, region, or bay in a short time and enjoy the sea to the fullest.

Luxury motor yachts can be rented by individuals or those with an application license, and rental with staff is also preferred. Combining all kinds of comfort, high-quality equipment and amenities, luxury motor yachts offer 5-star service on the sea for blue cruise enthusiasts. You can rent from Marmaris, Bodrum, Bozburun, Göcek, and Fethiye ports. These ports are the most well-known ports for motor yacht rental, and the best bays preferred for blue cruises are also in these regions.