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In general, in private gulet rentals, gulets have three or more crew members depending on the length and category of the gulet. This means that the number of crew members is directly related to the capacity and category of the gulet. Renting a crewed gulet allows travelers to experience the ship journey as flexible as possible. Travelers can experience the best anchorage spots, swimming areas, bustling ports, onshore activities, and of course, delicious and freshest food and fish. These opportunities make your blue voyage more enjoyable and unforgettable. Even if you choose a standard gulet for your blue tour, the crew members are always ready to listen to your requests and desires and assist you as our valuable guests. Our gulets range from 16 meters to 40 meters in length and offer crewed blue voyages. You can visit our Gulet Rental page for more information. In addition to standard gulets, all of our gulets and yachts have air conditioning.

You can find gulets classified as standard, superior, deluxe, and high deluxe in our yacht fleet. All classes offer crewed rental services completely dedicated to your satisfaction. The crew members always take great care to satisfy the blue voyage guests and work for an unforgettable holiday. During the blue voyage, delicious and freshest flavors from Turkish cuisine are served accompanied by experienced chefs. These flavors can be compared to the best restaurants in Turkey. After your gulet is properly arranged, you will be informed about the menu and meals. This way, you can plan some changes in the menus before going on the blue tour. You can add or remove the dishes you want or do not want. When you rent a gulet, you have the right to make small changes in the menu and route.

In private yacht rental, you can plan your own blue voyage route or choose one of the routes we recommend. We offer yacht rental on 9 popular and enjoyable routes. Six of these are on the Turkish coast, with Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, Bozburun, Göcek, and Datça among the most popular routes for Blue Cruise. Three of them are operated on the Turkish coast and Greek Islands. However, these routes are organized for cabin rental and can also be planned as a private rental program. Gulet is a type of yacht that has been used in maritime, sponge diving, and fishing on the coasts of the Aegean and Mediterranean for hundreds of years. After the Blue Voyage experiences in the region starting from the 1960s, gulets were designed for cruising purposes. Gulets, made of high-quality wood, are relatively more spacious and comfortable in terms of usage compared to other yachts.

Gulet: These boats provide the widest space for living and entertainment. They cannot go very fast, but they are in the traditional style and glide through the water. They are mostly made of pine, chestnut, mahogany, and teak trees. In recent years, they have even been made from laminated or steel materials. Those suitable for blue cruises are between 15 and 50 meters long. In recent years, these boats have provided luxury hotel comfort along with advancements in the yachting industry. Thanks to recent technical advancements, they are ideal for extremely enjoyable sailing. There are many shipyards in the Bozburun region, and most of the gulet production in the country is carried out in these shipyards. Bozburun is a heavenly corner for those who embark on a blue voyage as well as those who manufacture gulets.