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What is Blue Voyage, Blue Cruise?

The term "Blue Voyage" or "Blue Cruise" was introduced to Turkish literature by Halikarnas Fisherman and Sabahattin Eyüboğlu, although it was originally used as the title of Azra Erhat's books in 1957, 1962, and 1979. Today, it is a concept that has entered our lives as a type of holiday, especially in marine tourism. It is considered as an alternative holiday concept, and emerged as a form of holiday based on peaceful and exploratory boat trips that were enjoyed by the most prominent humanist intellectuals in the 1950s. Until the early 1980s, only those who owned their own boats could afford these trips. Later on, with changes and developments in tourism perception, the Blue Voyage Holiday brought an innovative perspective to the tourism concept and became popular.

With the increasing number of boats along the coastline of our country and the growing interest of domestic and foreign tourists in boat vacations, blue voyage has become a popular choice and as the number of boats has increased every year, prices have reached more economical levels, making it a holiday option that can be preferred by everyone. The definition of blue voyage today remains as a peaceful, tranquil and nature-integrated holiday that is determined by the number of days and the designated route followed by renting a boat or motor yacht. Blue voyage is described as a cultural and historical journey that started on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts and continued towards Anatolia, along with our very valuable intellectuals such as Azra Erhat and Sabahattin Eyüboğlu.

"If you ask what it means to be a blue voyager, I would say it is a matter of consciousness. This consciousness gives a person a sense of privilege, a feeling of superiority, but does not separate the blue voyager from their surroundings; on the contrary, it instills a kind of enthusiasm to convey this ideal to others. For a blue voyager, the greatest success is being able to organize a blue voyage and give their friends the experience of a blue journey adventure." (Azra Erhat)

The origin of Blue Cruise

The beginning of the blue cruise started in the Gulf of Gokova in Marmaris, where Halikarnas Fisherman, Cevat Sakir, was exiled for three years in Bodrum. The days Cevat Sakir spent in Bodrum turned into a time of pleasure and vacation rather than exile, and those who noticed this brought him back to Istanbul. After finishing his exile, Cevat Sakir, also known as Halikarnas Fisherman, made Bodrum his home. He was greatly influenced by the ancient name of Bodrum, and wrote numerous articles under the pen name Halikarnas Fisherman, drawing inspiration from his trips to the Gulf of Gokova, as well as anecdotes from his life and the people he encountered. During some of his trips to the Gulf of Gokova, he was accompanied by his close friends Sabahattin Eyuboglu and Azra Erhat. Because they were so affected by the nature, sea, and texture during their 3-5 day trips between Bodrum and the Gulf of Gokova, they named their journeys the "Blue Cruise". When they set out on their blue cruise, they only brought tobacco, cheese, and raki, and did not read newspapers or listen to the radio, dedicating themselves solely to nature, the sea, and friendship. Their initial aim was to escape from the world, to run away from civilization, and to listen to themselves. They sometimes spent days and sometimes weeks at sea, only going ashore for basic needs before returning to the sea. Blue Cruise holidays have been introduced to us and left us with beautiful memories.

Today, with Blue Cruise programs organized from various different locations such as Marmaris, Gökova, Hisarönü, Fethiye, Göcek, Greek islands, and Kaş Kekova, the Blue Cruise culture has become a holiday option that appeals to everyone and satisfies the desires of every vacationer with its variety of options to fit all budgets. The Blue Cruise Holiday offers a completely different vacation experience by providing access to the untouched bays of the Aegean Sea, even the most remote corners that cannot be reached by land transportation, and allows our guests to return home enchanted. Accessing every point of the Aegean Sea, enjoying a holiday on a boat, and the opportunity to take a break from civilization and enjoy a vacation from a completely different perspective are some of the advantages of a Blue Cruise holiday.

You can go fishing if you want, swim in the turquoise waters, or read your book alone with nature. You can enjoy the tranquility and serenity of this experience while sipping a delicious cocktail or coffee. For a Blue Cruise, you can choose to rent a boat, rent a private yacht, or rent a cabin. There are economic and affordable Blue Cruise programs available for every budget, and we offer various services to all guests who want to experience this holiday option.

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