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Selimiye village has become one of the most popular places in Marmaris in recent years. A charming fishing village, Selimiye still manages to preserve its natural beauty despite the large tourist groups and crowds in the summer. With its calm sea, untouched nature, and various options for boat and yacht rentals, Selimiye village has become quite popular, especially after Turkish celebrities and artists began to spend their holidays and even acquire properties here.

The Aegean Sea and its coves are very valuable for Turkey and popular all around the world. The sea is crystal clear, the air is beautiful, and the nature is even more gorgeous. Selimiye is one of these wonderful coves, with its unique style, and it welcomes many domestic and foreign tourists, especially during the summer months.

Selimiye village is one of the stops for blue cruise boats that operate between Bodrum and Marmaris. Selimiye is a green, clear and peaceful cove, and due to its structure, it does not have a very long shoreline. With its small marina, Selimiye is not only the starting point for blue cruises but also the most visited and worth seeing cove for boats departing from Marmaris Port, Bozburun Port, and Bodrum. Almost every restaurant in this fishing village has its own dock, and you can have the chance to taste incredibly delicious fish and meze (Turkish-style appetizers) at all of them. You can explore the village by taking a walk along the coastline, where you can find different style restaurants, mostly family-run pensions, shops selling sea equipment or touristic items, and a few cafes and bars.

Selimiye is a great place to replenish food, fresh fruits and vegetables. Surprisingly, there are four supermarkets in Selimiye. One of them is a luxury market filled with imported products such as cheeses, cold meats, champagne and chocolates. In addition, there are shops selling various local handicrafts, jewelry, clothing and handbags. As you can understand from the existence of so many large markets, Selimiye is a paradise for yacht tourism, and these large markets serve yachts to make their blue cruises much better and more comfortable. Almost all boats going on blue cruises stop by this port and replenish their provisions.

If you like noisy crowds, nightclubs, beach clubs or very busy holiday resorts, Selimiye is not a suitable holiday destination for you. However, if you are looking for a relaxing holiday and trying to find a place to retreat, you will fall in love with this village. Selimiye is one of the most beautiful places where you can enjoy the Aegean Sea. You can sunbathe for a long time, snorkel, or enjoy the sea for hours. Nature offers all its beauties in Selimiye.

You can go on daily boat tours in Selimiye and discover its undiscovered coves and islands that are very close by. Or, if you are already on a Blue Cruise holiday in Selimiye, you can experience its incomparable beauties when you visit. You can also join day boat tours. During the summer season, there is a boat tour every morning. Tours usually start around 9 am and end around 6 pm in the afternoon. There are many magnificent islands and bays on the tour route. Don't forget to bring your snorkel if you have one. Lunch is included in these tours and the food is delicious. They usually serve fish, which is very fresh. On other days, you can enjoy the sun, sea, and beach. There are many interesting bays and beaches in the area, most of which have a small pier. They are generally quiet and peaceful. So, if you are looking for tranquility, you will love Selimiye. Our guests who come for the Blue Cruise can enjoy the magnificent village on the sea, explore on land, shop or take in the sights, and then return to their boat to continue their Blue Voyage.

If you have enough time, visiting Turgut Waterfall can be a great idea. Especially if you have a car, reaching Turgut Waterfall is very easy. It is only 10 km away from Selimiye and is a beautiful place to cool off in the summer. Turgut Waterfall, which combines blue and green magnificently, is also a perfect place for taking photos. In the village square, there is a village café, cafes offering different types of desserts, pizza, or the opportunity to have a nice cocktail or a good quality wine. Since Selimiye is a fishing village, you should also try the fish here. Most restaurants are famous for their fresh fish. In addition, there are many restaurants where you can try different mezes and traditional dishes next to the beach. Don't forget to try rakı, the traditional Turkish drink, at one of these places, especially if you are a foreign tourist or haven't tried it before. Rakı and meze or rakı and fish are perfect combinations. You may find the taste of rakı strange at first, but you will probably like it in the end.

In recent years, boat holidays have become increasingly popular. While in the past, only five-star hotel holidays were considered luxurious, today luxury vacation options have diversified. Many people are interested in boat holidays because they want to get away from the land, sleep on the sea, watch the stars at any moment, and for many other reasons. Boat holidays, which are considered a trend in recent years, can actually be budget-friendly. At this point, the company chosen to rent a boat can make a big difference. Selimiye is a very ideal place to rent a boat and the presence of dozens of different villages that you will not get enough of exploring and seeing when you come to this region will make your vacation very fulfilling.