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With Kaş boat rental, you can see every corner of Kaş, which has become one of Turkey's most famous holiday destinations in recent years, and visit its most famous bays. Kaş, one of the most famous cities of the Mediterranean, is a place where Lycian settlements and tombs are surrounded by a living tableau. Most of the ancient structures are located in the village of Uçağız on the coast and the castle in the port of Simena.

Kaş - the former name of the Lycian city Antifellos - was founded in the 4th century BC. Meis island (Megisti) can be clearly seen just across the yacht harbor, about 4-6 km from the coast. The scenery looks as if it has been drawn with a pencil and is incredibly impressive. In ancient times, there was regular sea connection between Antifellos and Megisti.

Kalkan, located east of the ancient city of Patara - the ancient Greek village of Kalamaki - is literally a place stuck to the hillside by the sea. The name given to this place, Kalkan, reflects the meaning of the word exactly. The round-shaped coves surrounded by small mountains and fragrant pine forests are one of the most beautiful spots for VIP Yacht Tours. With Kalkan Boat Rental, you can taste all the coves in the area one by one.

Kalkan has a different architecture. As you approach the harbor with Kalkan Yacht Rentals, you will admire the view created by the small white houses, elegant balconies, and narrow wooden windows. While wandering through the labyrinth of cobblestone streets, you may find yourself in a turquoise cove. There is only one beach available in Kalkan harbor town. However, as compensation, you can reach the world-famous Patara Beach, which is 25 minutes away from Kalkan. Patara Beach is famous for its hot golden sands. Despite being one of the longest beaches on the Mediterranean coast, the length of the beach attached to Çayağzı is 9 km, and its depth to the coast is 6 km. Kalkan is one of the most preferred places among Turkish tourists, and with Kalkan Boat Rental, you can explore the Kalkan, Kaş, Kekova region with its most beautiful coves.

Kalkan was previously a Ottoman/Greek transport village called Kalamaki, and has largely retained its character, beauty, and charm from this period. It is approximately 25 km from Kaş. The oldest building in Kalkan is the mosque above the harbor; until the 1920s, it was a Greek Orthodox church. The streets, starting from the harbor, are lined with old houses built to cool off from the summer heat.

Kalkan is much more peaceful than many other Turkish tourist resorts in the area and gives a more luxurious feel, hosting many quality restaurants and bars. By renting a boat in Kalkan, you can see this unique beauty from the sea and enjoy the region in this way. Kalkan is the only port between Fethiye and Kaş, making it one of the most popular stops for blue cruise gulet rental in Turkey. In the Kalkan region, you can rent a boat that suits your budget and shape your vacation as you wish.

Kekova region is one of the most magnificent places that can be seen with Kekova boat rental. It is one of the shooting locations of Jacques-Yves Cousteau's famous Odyssey. The Kekova coastline is a long and narrow island adorned with ancient archaeological ruins. Tectonic movements that caused the rise of the Western Taurus Mountains have submerged the cities of Kekova and Simena. In addition to the city structures that are submerged underwater, ancient ports and sarcophagi belonging to the Lycians have also been submerged. Kekova is one of the most preferred destinations in the Mediterranean.

The island settlement includes cities such as Kaleköy (ancient Simena) and Uçağız (ancient Teymussa). In the Kekova region, in addition to the remains of Simena and Teymussa, there are also numerous ancient city ruins, monuments, and ancient cities such as Aperlai and Dolihiste. This region has always been seen as a safe area for Turkish yachts and boats from ancient times to the present day. Therefore, it has been among the most preferred regions for years. While Roman pirates sailed in these bays in the past, our guests who rent Kekova boats now enjoy the sea.