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There are many reasons why Turkey is one of the most suitable places for tourists. Our friendly and hospitable local people and the historical artifacts in the region contribute to making the Aegean the best for tourism. In addition to these reasons, Turkey is also a popular center for those who want to experience multicultural influences. Here, you can see how European and Asian cultures are wonderfully combined in cabin rentals in Turkey. Our guests who spend their holidays by renting cabins are offered an opportunity to both sunbathe and swim at sea, visit villages and see archaeological ruins. Renting a cabin on a gulet in Turkey can really make your trip enjoyable and comfortable. The best part about cabin rental is that you have all the comforts even while traveling. The cabins of these special yacht rentals in Turkey are equipped with all the modern comforts so that travelers can visit our country's magnificent coastline and Greek islands in the most comfortable way possible, such as Marmaris, Fethiye, Bodrum, Bozburun, Datça, Göcek.

As the Aegean coast is full of history, you can come across some of the historical monuments at any moment while traveling. While navigating on these yacht rentals, you can see these preserved historical artifacts in the best way possible. In this region of our country, you can visit the sunburnt plains where ancient battles began and were fought, as well as the theaters declared by Greek philosophers. Turkey is considered as a meeting point for many civilizations in terms of history. You can make your tour more attractive by renting a gulet that serves from the main ports of the region or by renting a cabin to explore this beautiful paradise.

Cabin rental is usually available on gulets, and is available on gulets with more than 8 cabins, with double cabins or shared cabins for single people. The cabins are similar to standard hotel rooms, with double or single beds and bathrooms with shower cabins and toilets. They are equipped with all the basic amenities you may need in a standard hotel room. When you rent a cabin, your holiday continues with a full board hotel concept, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and snacks. The route is pre-determined and the holiday plan is carried out in accordance with the designated program.