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Yacht rental or boat rental is among the top choices for those who want to spend their Blue Cruise in Turkey. Yachts are mostly located on the southwest side of Turkey. If you want to go on a Blue Cruise with your family or friends, the minimum yacht rental period is 3-4 days or one week. During this period, you have the chance to arrange every detail, including the menu. You can either decide for yourself or take advantage of the experience of our chefs who work on our boats.

The capacities of yachts and boats vary according to their intended use and the materials they are made of. It ranges from 17 meters to 40 meters. The smallest ones have at least one cabin, and as they grow, they can have 3 to 16 cabins and a maximum capacity of 36 people. All cabins have en suite bathrooms and various sizes of beds. Yachts are classified as Gulet, Modern Yachts, Sailboats, and Motor Yachts. Gulets are the most suitable for Blue Cruise because they are made of wood and are wider than other types of yachts. They have a capacity of 6 to 16 people and 3 to 8 cabins with double beds. Ketches have the chance to have extra cabins compared to gulets, and can accommodate 8 to 24 people with 4 to 12 double bed cabins.

Fethiye is a town known as Telmessos in ancient times and was the most important city on the western border of Lycia with Caria. The name of the city is thought to have come from Telmessos, the son of Apollo. As the name suggests, the city was the city of light and famous for its prophets. Fethiye is our district that stretches in a semi-circle along the bay protected by the 12 Islands, which is the apple of our country's eye. It is shown among the capitals of sea tourism with its magnificent bays, clear sea, and wonderful harbors it contains.

Fethiye is located in the southwest of Turkey, between hills and mountains opening to beautiful turquoise waters. This breathtaking harbor town has been a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, whether they have come to visit its beaches, quiet coves, or to start renting a gulet. There is something hidden for everyone who wants to spend their holiday in Fethiye. This beautiful Mediterranean town is the gateway to some of the most secluded bays and beautiful islands in the southern waters, and renting a Fethiye boat or a private yacht has been popular here since the 1960s.

Originally a Lycian town perfect for boat builders for fishing, sponge diving, and sailing, Fethiye has now become a center for luxury yacht rentals. Since the region has hosted many different groups trying to conquer different cities and towns, there is always a history to be found and a new place to be seen. Fethiye has some of the best preserved ruins that can be found among houses and modern structures. Protected sarcophagi with roads divided on both sides, untouched castles except for new flags, some ruins rebuilt in traditional styles, and methods of recreating ancient structures. Fethiye's harbor is one of the best places to relax, have a cup of tea or Turkish coffee, and watch boats of different styles passing by while enjoying the exhaustion of the day. The cliff faces surrounding the city center are both dazzling with different rock tones and provide a unique chance to see a giant noble tomb carved directly into the rock. We recommend that you visit the rock tombs and not leave Fethiye without seeing them.

Today, the travel and tourism industries are becoming more famous and popular around the world. European countries have a significant share in the development of tourism. These countries are eagerly awaiting to set an example for tourists, just like Turkey does. Turkey is one of the most famous and attractive countries for people who love architecture, ancient civilization, history, art, and scenery. On the other hand, present-day Turkey is famous for its natural places and landmarks. Fethiye is one of them, and it is a perfect place for those who want to both make an archaeological tour and spend their vacation relaxing by the sea. You can rent a boat in Fethiye, spend a week exploring undiscovered bays from the sea, or rent a boat for 3-4 days and have a shorter holiday with Fethiye boat rental. Alternatively, you can rent a cabin on a big gulet with Fethiye Cabin Rental, make new friends and have a chance to experience a boat trip within your budget.

As time goes on, Turkey has developed travel and tourism opportunities for people. It has become a great and indispensable value for the sailing and boating industries. Those who enjoy planning sailing tours and trips can choose all regions of Turkey, but the most preferred destinations by sailors are as follows:

Thanks to the indented and protruding map of the Aegean, it has a geography where you can find perfect views in every corner, and when you set sail and catch the wind, you can experience different adventures in every direction.

The Fethiye Bay, also known as "Fethiye," is a paradise for sailors. The bay is famous for its crystal-clear waters, various anchoring spots, islands, and coves. The bay also offers sheltered coves for those who prefer to drop anchor and enjoy a peaceful night. The Fethiye Bay is known for its calm days and nights, which attract tourists to yacht rentals in Fethiye. Fethiye is the most suitable place in Turkey for yacht rentals, allowing you to explore both the Fethiye and Göcek bays. The district of Fethiye has become an attractive spot for both local and foreign tourists due to its coastal promenade, shopping centers, and numerous restaurants. Its white sandy beaches, lush green coastal boundaries, and clear sea provide tourists with a pleasant state of mind as they begin their holiday in the coves. By renting a gulet in Fethiye, you can experience an unforgettable holiday, either through Fethiye Gulet Rental or Fethiye Yacht Rental. Our yachts are classified as follows:
Classic: Standard gulets, economical and without air conditioning.
Classic Plus: More comfortable vacation and air conditioning.
Luxury: Larger and luxurious cabins with more facilities, luxury gulets.
Luxury Plus: Premium gulets with superior cabins and the best amenities.